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Cardrunners Stinger Selection Poker Videos

Cardrunners Stinger Selection Poker Videos
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Genre: Gambling

“ Brian Hastings (b. 1988) of Hanover Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania is an American competitive poker player best known for his profitable sessions against the Swede, Isildur1. ”

Poker Career
Hastings began playing on-line in 2006, inspired by his secondary school mathematics teacher. His gaming was refined by joining Cardrunners.com, a poker training website. He entered Cornell University through the College of Engineering, and now majors in economics. He held a minority interest in Cardrunners.com. His style of play has been described on ESPN.com as one that places the game of poker in "a balanced place in a balanced life." The Hastings approach to the game is to draw on the strength of the collective; accent the importance of off-table work, and impart life balance to one's daily routine

vs. Isildur1
In December 2009, Hastings played online Poker against Isildur1, winning $4.18 million in a single session, plus a further $1.5 million in a later session. The first, but not the second, of these sessions was controversial as Hastings is alleged to have shared hand histories with professional poker players Cole South and Brian Townsend, which would be a form of collusion and a direct violation of Full Tilt Poker's rules.

Outcome of Accusations
Allegations of impropriety by Hastings' were cleared by Full Tilt Poker on December 21, 2009. Brian Hastings and Cole South were found to have not breached Full Tilt Poker's rules. The finding from the company was that “it is fully acceptable for players to discuss strategy, and in this instance these players did discuss hands, an opponent and a strategy to play against this opponent. However, when the games are played there was only one player making decisions regarding the hand. Based on our findings, the sole breach of our site rules was by Brian Townsend who was found in violation of our rules regarding datamining. While he did violate our rules, he is receiving a punishment that is harsher than our standard response in these situations. We now consider this matter closed and all parties involved in the situation have been made aware of our decision


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