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Docker Hands on: Deploy, Administer Docker Platform

Docker Hands on: Deploy, Administer Docker Platform by Navin Sabharwal
English | Jan 6, 2015 | ASIN: B00RXFHYZY | 300 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/AZW3/PDF (Converted) | 31 MB

This book will help our readers to appreciate the docker technology and focusses on Hands on implementation of Docker Ecosystem.

We will introduce our readers to Containerization and docker technology, book covers the complete docker ecosystem and provides tutorials for installation, configuration, deployment, administration of the docker platform.

We cover the exhaustive docker ecosystem including packaging applications for docker, kubernetes, fleet, panamax, vagrant and other technologies in the docker ecosystem.

This book
- Introduces Docker to readers, the core concepts and technology behind Docker.
- Provides step by step guidelines to have your docker setup ready
- Provides hands on examples for installing and configuring Docker
- Provides insight into packaging applications using docker and deploying them.
- Detailed coverage of Mesosphere for Docker deployment and management
- Detailed coverage of Kubernetes clusters and Fleet.
- Hands on coverage of deployment tools including Fig, Shipyard and Panamax
- Step by Step guidelines to help you package your application on docker
- Introduction to Google Container Engine for Docker