Internal Damage: Advanced Tai Chi for Combat [repost]

Internal Damage: Advanced Tai Chi for Combat
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Genre: Sport, Martial Arts, Self-Defense

This is a DVD of Tai Chi applications done in the street and with a reality-based approach. Shihfu Glen Hairston has a no-nonsense feeling toward his art and plenty of experience and training to back it up. But this is more than a DVD of applications. Here is a well produced, modern, edgy piece filmed with graffiti background on a cracked court in the city. But it also has humor. The nice thing about this effort is that, at the center of the music, the jokes, the FX editing is Hairston who impresses us as a serious, honest and sincere practitioner with something to say about his view of the art. Glen doesn't explain every move of his applications but its pretty obvious to those who can see what he's doing. Most of it is straight forward, clever and very workable. His hands are eloquent, trained, fast, accurate. This is at least one take on Tai Chi where the essence of fighting is completely open and honest. Applause for this teacher and his efforts. As the back cover says, "This ain't your grandma's Tai Chi."

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