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TTL Cookbook [Repost]

"TTL Cookbook" by Lancaster
1974 | ISBN: 0672210355 | Pages: 340 | English | PDF | 12 MB

A clear and complete look at TTL. No technician's library is complete without this book that introduces TTL, telling what it is and how it works. Illustrates how TTL is used in many practical applications; provides typical circuits and working applications; and discusses TTL strategies.
Reader's review
“ I have had a copy of Don's TTL Cookbook around and handy ever since 1984. During one digital electronics course I took, it just happened to be the textbook used for the course.
This book is by far the most practical and well written electronics book I have ever seen, or run across. The methods and rules to follow for using TTL are spelled out so that one can build reliable circuits. The examples given are explained so that one may draw their own conclusions, and use the examples as building blocks or teaching aids to develop one's own circuits.
Time and again, I return to this text as reference. It, along with the CMOS Cookbook, make a powerful set of tools for anyone who wants to build high-reliablility digital circuits.