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Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Delicious Vegetarian Recipes: Top 10 Vegetarian dishes, easy to cook, and Mouth-watering! by Roselyn Bernard
English | May 24, 2015 | ASIN: B00Y8IK6AO | 17 Pages | EPUB/MOBI | 132.26 KB/167.65 KB

Many people choose to go vegetarian or vegan for the health benefits this lifestyle has to offer. While it is possible for a vegan to eat unhealthy foods (such as eating foods made with trans fats or foods with sugar and salt), by and large most vegans and vegetarians have healthier diets. It isn't possible to get fiber through meat or dairy products, but vegetarians usually eat lots more fiber than their meat-eating counterparts. Furthermore, cholesterol comes from eating animal products, and people who eat less or no animal-based foods will benefit from this diet. Finally, overall, vegetarians and especially vegans usually weigh less than people who eat meat.
This book offers you the Top 10 Vegan recipes carefully selected by Vegan lovers!