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Dr. Susan's Light and Healthy Meals

Dr. Susan's Light and Healthy Meals by Susan Richards M.D.
English | May 12, 2015 | ISBN: 1512190233 | 170 Pages | EPUB/AZW3 | 5.19 MB/5.45 MB

Susan Richards, M.D., one of the most acclaimed medical doctors in the field of alternative medicine has created the ultimate light and healthy cookbook for you to enjoy!

Dr. Susan's Light and Healthy Meals is full of incredibly delicious whole food recipes that taste great and are quick and easy to prepare. She has created over 110 delicious recipes that are very healthy, full of essential nutrients and will greatly benefit your health and wellness!

As a medical doctor, healthy diet and nutrition has always been a very important emphasis in her medical practice. She has created delicious, simple and easy to make recipes and meal plans for many thousands of patients that have successfully restored their health and wellness.

In listening to their needs, she found that her patients needed quick and light whole food recipes that they could use in their busy lives to avoid the trap of depending on eating fast foods on the run or snacking on convenience foods with their high fat content, empty calories and laden with unhealthy additives.

Like her patients, most of us lead full, active lives and do not have the time to spend endless hours in the kitchen. Dr. Susan's new book is a masterpiece of light and healthy recipes that are totally delicious and healthy, yet are quick and easy to prepare. She uses many shortcuts to arrive at delectable results, using the highest quality ingredients that will provide you with a wide range of health benefits.

Her recipes are all gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. You will love her salads, soups, sandwiches, light meals and desserts. She has also included many healthy foundation recipes like homemade nondairy milks, cream cheese and sour cream.

Dr. Susan's light and easy to prepare recipes will support your health and wellness and help to reduce the risk of inflammation, heart disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances and many other health conditions.

Her recipes are ideal as part of a weight loss program, if you are trying to shed unwanted pounds. They will also support your energy and vitality, enhance sports performance or simply provide you with highly nutritious, easy to make meals for your active and busy life.

Her book is full of the most gorgeous full color photographs of these delectable dishes that will help you with your own cooking and food preparation. This is a great book that you will return to again and again for the best light, easy to make and healthy meals!