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Easy Peasy Eats: Deliciously Simple Recipes for Every Day

Easy Peasy Eats: Deliciously Simple Recipes for Every Day by Theresa Toth
English | May 8, 2015 | ISBN: 1502389142 | 190 Pages | EPUB/AZW3 | 1.09 MB/3.95 MB

Anyone who loves food will appreciate this new offering from Theresa Toth. Easy Peasy Eats: Deliciously Simple Recipes For Every Day was created for one purpose; to help people make healthy and tasty meals without taking too much time and effort.

What makes this cookbook unique is the flexibility. Every recipe can be made in less than thirty minutes with readily available ingredients. They transition easily between simple weekday meals to dinner parties and everything in between. Although most of the meals are designed to feed four people, Toth encourages you to make adjustments to suit your needs and make the recipes your own.

Over one hundred quick and easy recipes are complemented by a section on helpful tips and shortcuts meant to not only save you time, but also to enhance your cooking experience.

The recipes in Easy Peasy Eats will make you feel good about what you are putting on the table—and leave you with the time and energy to enjoy them yourself.