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Real Food for Rookies: Healthy Cooking - Traditional Food - Vibrant Health

Real Food for Rookies: Healthy Cooking - Traditional Food - Vibrant Health by Kelly Moeggenborg
English | May 1, 2015 | ISBN: 1939603862 | 174 Pages | EPUB/AZW3 | 2.96 MB/3.07 MB

You can't DO better until you KNOW better! It wasn't that many years ago that I didn't have a clue how to feed my family well. To be honest, it wasn't even on my radar to pay much attention to what I was feeding them, I just didn't think food made that big of a difference. It was all about what was cheap, what tasted good, and what was convenient to throw together. Even though we struggled helping our kids in school, and there were behavioral issues that had us under constant stress, I still didn't make the connection.

Pretty sad, right?!
Ironically, it wasn't until 2004 when I started to gain a little weight that I was led to what I now call my "food conversion", and all because a friend introduced me to the Weston Price Foundation. I clicked onto the WAPF website and as I started reading, a bunch of light bulbs in my brain clicked on, too. I learned that food is powerful. It can make us sick and miserable, or it can nourish us and give us energy and vitality!
It wasn't easy getting the family switched over.
There were many food flops and some complaining, but I eventually figured it out. I learned how to take our family favorite recipes and adapt them into much better-for-you versions, and they're better tasting now, with so many fresh, healthy ingredients that are good for us, too! I also learned where to find the best foods. It was difficult for many years, but thankfully, sourcing real food from the farm or finding organic foods from the grocery store is getting a little easier, as long as you know what to look for.
I want to help you learn more quickly than I did!

Adapting recipes will come natural to you!
---> Then you can take any family favorite and make it not only healthy, but more delicious! (Included are examples to show how easily this can be done with your own recipes.)
Learn which ingredients are best and which to avoid.
---> No more wondering if the groceries you buy are worth the cost or even safe.
Learn which fats we should be using and and in which recipes.
---> You'll be able to avoid the bad-for-you fats, instead of unintentionally making yourself or our loved ones sick, and definitely more prone to obesity and chronic disease!
Get the real scoop on why buying fat-free and low-fat is not a good choice.
---> So you'll know how to keep such nutrient-poor "food" out of your grocery cart!
Find out how to know when buying organic matters.
---> You'll stop spending extra money when it's not necessary.
Become informed on which grocery store foods often lie on their labels.
---> So you won't get duped -- you'll know the truth and can choose wisely.
You'll get a top ten list of foods to avoid and a top ten list of superfoods to eat more often.
---> This will be simple, clear, and easy to incorporate into your life.
If you've thought of switching to more nutrient-dense, fresh milk, find out what *exactly* you should look for in a raw milk farm
---> So you can get the most wonderful superfood possible, and avoid milk that could be contaminated. (Also, if you buy milk from the store, learn which kinds you should never ever buy.)
Do you wonder what's the big deal with fish oils? Learn which brands are the better, safer choice.
---> You'll stop wasting your money on junk that won't have much benefit and could even be harmful.
Find out how to avoid all the obstacles when switching over to real food.
---> You'll have the help you need to stay motivated, to deal with family complaints, to find the time to implement these new ideas, and to afford this lifestyle as well.
Being overwhelmed can paralyze you into doing nothing.
---> The simple explanations in this book will keep you moving forward on the journey so you're not stuck in uncertainty and confusion, and so you can make a real, lasting difference in your family's health.

This book has everything you need in one place!