The Original Encyclopizza: Pizza Ingredient Purchasing and Preparation

The Original Encyclopizza: Pizza Ingredient Purchasing and Preparation by John Correll
English | Nov 10, 2011 | ISBN: 0982092075 | 442 Pages | AZW4/PDF | 8.39 MB/6.53 MB

Many pizzeria owners -- and at-home pizza-makers, too -- desire to create THE FINEST pizza possible. If you're one of these persons, this book is for you. It's 440 pages jam-packed with thousands of pizza technology facts, tips, procedures, ideas, and solutions. Using just one of these bits of information could further enhance the quality of your pizza ... or solve a nagging problem ... or make your pizza life easier and more enjoyable. This alone would repay your investment in this book ten times over. This is the definitive guide on purchasing and preparing the ingredients that make up a quality pizza. It's a massive resource that combines scientific findings and industry research with hands-on experience. In doing so it provides proven practical answers for pizzeria owners, managers, chefs, buyers, R&D staff, suppliers, and franchisees, as well as at-home pizza-makers. It is a redesigned and republished edition of the seminal pizza guide created by John Correll in 1992. The original book, first titled “The Pizza Manager’s Guide to Ingredient Purchasing and Preparation” and later changed to “Encyclopizza,” was sold from 1992 to 1999. It was then retired, and remained out-of-print from 1999 to 2011. Growing demand from pizzeria operators and at-home pizza-makers has prompted the creation of this newly redesigned edition. Its 440 pages are packed with vital information -- including equipment specifications, proven recipes, step-by-step procedures, and a special trouble-shooting section for solving dough and crust problems. Among many things, a reader can learn how to manage pizza dough for proper rise and consistency, design special dough and sauce formulas, create distinctive cheese blends, select the best brands, gain supplier help and cooperation, choose the right mixer and use it properly, apply labor-saving methods, and -- most importantly -- create an even better pizza. It includes a detailed 15-page Table of Contents -- making it easy to find any bit of desired information in a few seconds. This softcover book comes in a handy 8.5 by 11 inch page size. It tips the scale at over two pounds, making it a weighty publication not only in content but also in heft. In Correll’s words: “Even though this is a modern version of a 20-year old book, the vast majority of information contained in this reference resource (like, say, about ‘99.9 percent’) remains relevant and highly useful. Its new design and formatting creates an easy, pleasant reading experience -- enhanced over the original 1992 edition.” The book’s subtitle is “Pizza Ingredient Purchasing and Preparation.” As this indicates, the book is about ingredient purchasing and preparation. Accordingly, it does not cover pizza-making -- i.e., pizza assembly and baking. Perhaps some day an additional Encyclopizza-type book on pizza assembly and baking will be produced. NOTE: The book order page might cite a delivery date of about two weeks. However, the book is typically shipped in one day and usually arrives in a few days.