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Glamour Portrait Retouching (repost)

Phlearn - Glamour Portrait Retouching
English | mp4 | H264 1280x720 | AAC 2 ch 145 kbps | 2 hrs 20 min | 408 MB
eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced

Glamour Portrait Retouching is completely different than normal retouching. There is much less of a focus on the individual pore, and more on the image as a whole. Working with highlights and shadows, you will be able to sculpt a person's face in a way that will make lighting look more dramatic, and a face more interesting.
• FREE Custom Brush
• Dodging & Burning
• Coloring Skin
• Advanced Sharpening
• 5 Retouch Methods
• Adding Realistic Makeup
FREE Custom Brush Included: This brush was made SPECIFICALLY for this type of retouching. We cover exactly how to use it, and why it is going to make professional retouching so much easier.
Learn how to analyze a face in order to determine how to retouch.