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5 Ingredient Recipes

5 Ingredient Recipes: Ultimate Five Ingredient Cookbook for Simply Delicious 5 Ingredient Meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert ALL with 5 Ingredients... cookbook, 5 ingredients or less cookbook) by Tim Maser
English | May 7, 2015 | ASIN: B00XCZO64Q | 55 Pages | EPUB/MOBI | 131.62 KB/197.43 KB

Have you ever been so tired, that looking at the long ingredient list and the complicated cooking methods of a recipe made you feel even worse? You are not alone. I have experienced this more often than not because I’m busy. Heck, we all are busy.

So you guessed right, I have become adept in preparing dishes that will take less time preparing and measuring the ingredients. So you can spend more time eating! Recipes with just as few as five ingredients are heaven sent to me because they mean less time chopping, grating, stirring, and later washing the dishes and cleaning up.

Fewer ingredients also means less shopping time for me and I hate to shop. Plus when I buy less, I can save on money for other family essentials. But fewer ingredients don’t mean we have to sacrifice the taste and the health of our family.

And you get the same!

In this 5 ingredient cookbook you will discover:

- A variety of fulfilling 5 ingredient recipes, you would have NEVER guess were 5 ingredients of less
- A cookbook that will allow you to Spend more time eating (my favorite part!) and less time preparing and cooking
- How you can get away with less time in the grocery store and still maximize the flavor
- Recipes that only have 5 ingredients, so YES you are saving money
- How you can relax faster after your meals! This 5 ingredients or less cookbook makes cleanup after cooking A LOT easier
- A five ingredient cookbook that covers ALL of the essentials, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and DOES NOT skip on the flavor, taste or healthiness.
- And more