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Principia Ketogenica: Compendium Of Science Literature On The Benefits Of Low Carbohydrate And Ketogenic Diets (Repost)

Principia Ketogenica: Compendium Of Science Literature On The Benefits Of Low Carbohydrate And Ketogenic Diets By A Simmonds
2014 | 318 Pages | ISBN: 1500969591 | EPUB + MOBI | 1 MB

With hundreds of research papers and scholarly journal articles from over the past century summarised and fully referenced, addressing 15 major health and fitness topics covering over 100 general subjects, this is the most comprehensive scientific coverage of the myriad health outcomes of ketosis, increasing fat intake, and carbohydrate restriction in general.

"I have found it invaluable .. It is highly recommended." ~ Dr Eades, New York Times bestselling author of Protein Power.

"This is THE RESOURCE for anyone interested in studies and references about Low Carb / Ketogenic Diets in general. Very well organized and referenced by themes, with links to the pertinent studies and abstracts." ~ Luis "DarthLuiggi" Villasenor, ripped bodybuilder 13 years on keto.

- Already following a LCHF guide but want more science?
- Wondering if there's any evidence behind this “low carb fad”?
- Researching for yourself and need a study guide?
- Writing articles or a book and need a reference manual?
- Scared of consuming fat and need scientific reassurance?
- Frustrated by your doctor/nutritionist saying there's no evidence to this stuff?
- A doctor or nutritionist yourself who wants a handy reference manual?
- Tired of your aunt on Facebook telling you "that's just stuff you read on the internet!"?
- Keen to have a complete summary of all the science on hand for convenience?
- Looking to save thousands of hours of PubMed trawling?
- Sick of the online broscience and citation wars?
- Trying to find something more tangible than over-the-top articles to convince a loved one?
- Looking to avoid hundreds of potential health problems in later life?
- A carb addict looking for a scientific kick in the ass?
- Just a geek who loves nutrition science?

This is a list of the main topics covered, with each chapter covering the research as far back as modern science goes, listing the citations in chronological order.

- Very Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diet Research Papers
- General Ketosis and Significant Carbohydrate Restriction
- Low to Moderate Carbohydrate Restriction
- Animal Studies
- Heart Disease, Metabolic Disorders, Blood Lipids, Cholesterol
- Diabetes
- Weight Loss
- Exercise and Performance
- The Brain, Neurodegenerative Disease, Epilepsy, Cognition, Depression
- Hunger and Appetite Regulation
- Muscles, Bones, and Body Composition
- Cancer
- Organs
- Hormones
- Carbohydrates Role In Human Nutrition
- References

A must have for anyone who wants all the relevant evidence throughout history in a handy summary format for quick reference.

The #1 resource on ketogenic diets for all physicians and nutritionists.