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Cooking to Save Your Life

Cooking to Save Your Life by Kurt Stiles
English | 2014 | ISBN: 0578125013 | 256 Pages | EPUB/AZW3 | 4.48 MB/4.49 MB

Join Chef Kurt Stiles as he shares his personal journey as a stroke survivor, he outlines ways to use natural medicine (Food) to heal you. Cooking to Save Your Life shares Kurt's personal recover after a massive stroke. Kurt has taken over 100 recipes and re-designed them with special dietary needs in mind. In the opening page of "Cooking to Save Your Life," by Chef Kurt Stiles, John Morey, Executive Chef of DNC Sport Service, Bank of America Stadium, Carolina Panthers writes "Five short years later [after Chef Stiles' stroke], Kurt has taken all his experiences, knowledge and love, and put it to work. I believe his research in this book comes from his life experience, passion, and knowledge of good cooking. I know using this cookbook will help families and friends eat healthier to live life fully!" "The purpose of this cookbook is to provide you with a starting-point on the road to recovery", said Americas Healthy Chef, Kurt Stiles. Eating well after a stroke is a key to recovery. Choosing healthy foods can help control blood pressure and body weight, reduce the risk of having another stroke, and help with the demands of stroke therapy and other daily activities. Preventing another stroke and staying healthy can be achieved when the appropriate steps are taken to control weight and blood pressure- food is your medicine! This is more than a cookbook. It is a story of the experiences endured by a successful father of a young family upon having a stroke and how he dealt with it. Most of the first section has been written by himself, his friends and family and touches on topics ranging from his therapy and natural medicine to the challenges faced by caregivers. From there it segues into fitness and his new lifestyle, meal planning and lastly some 180 pages dedicated to healthful food recipes.