Kids Party Food: Easy, Creative & Healthy

Kids Party Food: Easy, Creative & Healthy by Karin G. Reiter
English | May 18, 2015 | ASIN: B00XVI8X7K | 135 Pages | MOBI/EPUB | 9.17 MB/7.99 MB

Our story begins on a tropical Singapore afternoon in 2013. Our kids, Sienna and Lia (Clara’s), Milan and Rio (Karin’s) came charging in to our green juice date after a birthday party they attended, completely hyped on sugar from the chocolates and candies from the goodie bags.
Being a duo whose lives and careers involve food, and nutrition, we knew that the children’s party scene desperately needed a makeover. We both care about the en- vironment and we both want our kids to eat fresh, nourishing, tasty food.
In a world where food education and materials are readily available for anybody who wants them, gone should be the days of trans fats, chemical ridden, artificial, preserved sugar -packed foods that contains zero nutrients. As parties are a great time for celebration, fun and laughter with family and friends, food too should shine and nourish our loved ones. You shouldn’t feel guilty after a meal, or a party.
This book was born out of love for our children and out of passion for our careers, and it is our immense pleasure to be able to share it with you.
We are reaching out to all the mamas and papas of the world and calling on you to come along with us on the real food trend. We really hope to inspire your future party planning, and that you embrace the new healthy party food scene. After all, our children’s busy growing bodies deserve it!