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Apress books compilation (2015)

Apress books compilation (2015)
English | 47 x PDF + 3 x EPUB | 377.74 MB

Adam Freeman (auth.)-Pro Design Patterns in Swift-Apress (2015).pdf
Alan McCarthy, Steve Hay (auth.)-Advanced Negotiation Techniques-Apress (2015).pdf
Andrew R. Thomas, Timothy J. Wilkinson (auth.)-The Customer Trap_ How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Business-Apress (2015).pdf
Ben Smith (auth.)-Advanced ActionScript 3_ Design Patterns-Apress (2015).pdf
Brent Watson (auth.)-Stripes by Example-Apress (2015).pdf
Bruce Sutherland-C++ Recipes_ A Problem-Solution Approach-Apress (2015).pdf
Carlos Oliveira (auth.)-Practical C++ Financial Programming-Apress (2015).pdf
Corey Gough, Ian Steiner, Winston Saunders (auth.)-Energy Efficient Servers_ Blueprints for Data Center Optimization-Apress (2015).pdf
Darl Kuhn (auth.)-Oracle RMAN Database Duplication-Apress (2015).pdf
Dave MacLean , Satya Komatineni, Grant Allen-Pro Android 5-Apress (2015).epub
Dave Smith (auth.)-Android Recipes_ A Problem-Solution Approach for Android 5.0-Apress (2015).pdf
David A. Monty (auth.)-Trust-Based Selling_ Finding and Keeping Customers for Life-Apress (2015).pdf
Fernando Doglio-Pro REST API Development with Node.js-Apress (2015).pdf
Fr‚d‚ric Harper (auth.)-Success in Programming_ How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence through Personal Branding-Apress (2015).pdf
Gary Bennett, Brad Lees (auth.)-Swift for Absolute Beginners-Apress (2015).pdf
Greg Jordan-Practical Neo4j-Apress (2015).pdf
Hans Kull (auth.)-Mass Customization_ Opportunities, Methods, and Challenges for Manufacturers-Apress (2015).pdf
Jack Avon (auth.)-The Basics of Financial Modeling-Apress (2015).pdf
James Cryer (auth.)-Pro Grunt.js-Apress (2015).pdf
Jiming Sun, Marc Jones, Stefan Reinauer, Vincent Zimmer (auth.)-Embedded Firmware Solutions_ Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things-Apress (2015).pdf
Kevin Wilson (auth.)-Everyday Computing with Windows 8.1-Apress (2015).pdf
Lauren Perkins (auth.)-The Community Manager's Playbook_ How to Build Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement-Apress (2015).pdf
Manuel Stagars (auth.)-University Startups and Spin-Offs_ Guide for Entrepreneurs in Academia-Apress (2015).pdf
Martin Klubeck (auth.)-Planning and Designing Effective Metrics-Apress (2015).pdf
Marty Alchin, J. Burton Browning-Pro Python-Apress (2015).epub
Marty Alchin, J. Burton Browning-Pro Python-Apress (2015).pdf
Massimo Nardone, Vladimir Silva (auth.)-Pro Android Games-Apress (2015).pdf
Michael Bunn, Zack Campbell (auth.)-Winning the Institutional Investing Race_ A Guide for Directors and Executives-Apress (2015).pdf
Michael Frampton (auth.)-Big Data Made Easy_ A Working Guide to the Complete Hadoop Toolset-Apress (2015).pdf
Mikael Olsson (auth.)-C Quick Syntax Reference-Apress (2015).pdf
Mike Halsey (auth.)-Windows 10 Primer_ What to Expect from Microsoft's New Operating System-Apress (2015).pdf
Moises Belchin, Patricia Juberias (auth.)-Web Programming with Dart-Apress (2015).pdf
Onur Cinar (auth.)-Android Quick APIs Reference-Apress (2015).pdf
Philip Weinmeister (auth.)-Practical Salesforce.com Development Without Code_ Customizing Salesforce on the Force.com Platform-Apress (2015).pdf
Ramnath Ganesan (auth.)-The Profitable Supply Chain_ A Practitioner's Guide-Apress (2015).pdf
Richard Tierney (auth.)-The Introverted Presenter_ Ten Steps for Preparing and Delivering Successful Presentations-Apress (2015).pdf
Rist Michael, Pizzica Albert J. (auth.)-Financial Ratios for Executives_ How to Assess Company Strength, Fix Problems, and Make Better Decisions-Apress (2015).pdf
Robert A. Gibson (auth.)-Swing for Jython_ Jython UI and Scripts Development using Java Swing and WebSphere Application Server-Apress (2015).pdf
Robert Pearl-Healthy SQL_ A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy SQL Server Performance-Apress (2015).pdf
Robin Dewson (auth.)-Beginning SQL Server for Developers_ Fourth Edition-Apress (2015).pdf
Sahil Malik, Srini Sistla (auth.)-Visio Services Quick Guide_ Using Visio with Sharepoint 2013 and Office 365-Apress (2015).pdf
Scott E. Donaldson, Stanley G. Siegel, Chris K. Williams, Abdul Aslam-Enterprise Cybersecurity_ How to Build a Successful Cyberdefense Program Against Advanced Threats-Apress (2015).pdf
Suren Machiraju, Suraj Gaurav-Hardening Azure Applications-Apress (2015).pdf
Syed Ali (auth.)-Practical Linux Infrastructure-Apress (2015).pdf
Thomas Kyte, Darl Kuhn-Expert Oracle Database Architecture-Apress (2015).pdf
Tom Y. Sawyer (auth.)-Financial Modeling for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs_ Developing Excel Models to Raise Capital, Increase Cash Flow, Improve Operations, Plan Projects, and Make Decisions-Apre.pdf
Venkatesh Upadrista (auth.)-Managing Your Outsourced IT Services Provider_ How to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Global Workforce-Apress (2015).pdf
Vincent Zimmer, Jiming Sun, Marc Jones, Stefan Reinauer-Embedded Firmware Solutions_ Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things-Apress (2015).epub
Will Arthur, David Challener, Kenneth Goldman (auth.)-A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0_ Using the New Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security-Apress (2015).pdf
Wlodzimierz Gajda-Pro Vagrant-Apress (2015).pdf

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