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Susan Powter Lifestyle Ex-change Circuit Training Upper

Susan Powter Lifestyle Ex-change Circuit Training Upper
DVDRip | Video; MP4; x264; 710*480 (4:3); 2302 kbps; 29.970 fps
Audio; aac; 160 kbps; 2 ch; 48.0 Khz; English | Duration: 37 mins | 683 MB
3% Recovery Record | Genre: Sports, workout

From the Susan Powter Lifestyle Ex-Change this is Circuit Training Upper. From the back of the box "When I realized there was a lifestyle that wasn't working for millions of people, I knew what had to be done...X It Out!...Take it back...Ex-Change a lifestyle that isn't working for a Style of Life that absolutely does...and that is exactly what my Lifestyle Ex-Change program is designed to do for you."

In Circuit Training: Cardio Upper Body I'll show you how to X-Out what isn't working and easily:

Burn Fat
Build the most active tissue in your body
Maximize your workout out
Reconnect with your body and your brain

There are modifications for all fitness levels.

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