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Myth and Meaning: San-Bushman Folklore in Global Context

Myth and Meaning: San-Bushman Folklore in Global Context by JD Lewis-Williams
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1629581542 | 257 pages | PDF | 6 MB

J.D. Lewis-Williams, one of the leading South African archaeologists and ethnographers, excavates meaning from the complex mythological stories of the San-Bushmen to create a larger theory of how myth is used in culture. He extracts their “nuggets,” the far-reaching but often unspoken words and concepts of language and understanding that are opaque to outsiders, to establish a more nuanced theory of the role of these myths in the thought-world and social circumstances of the San. The book <br>-draws from the unique 19th century Bleek/Lloyd archives, more recent ethnographic work, and San rock art;<br>-includes well-known San stories such as The Broken String, Mantis Dreams, and Creation of the Eland;<br>-extrapolates from our understanding of San mythology into a larger model of how people create meaning from myth.