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From Start to Finnish: A Short Course in Finnish

From Start to Finnish: A Short Course in Finnish
Audio CDs: English / Finnish: MP3, 113 Kbps (2 channel) | Duration: 01:23:21 | 2003 | ISBN-10: 9517921055
Overal size: 71 MB | Genre: Learning Finnish | Level: Beginner

From Start to Finnish - A Short Course in Finnish is practical, fun and easy to read. From Start to Finnish is not a complete course in Finnish. It will not tell you “everything you’ve ever wanted to know” about the Finnish language but it will serve as a handy survival kit for everyday situations, such as asking questions and responding to them, exchanging small talk face-to-face with real Finns, being polite - or less polite if need be.

It will also give you an overall picture of the structure of Finnish, a language which is certainly different from many others you may have studied so far - but not difficult, as you are about to find out!

The dialogues, texts and a couple of exercises have been recorded for each chapter. The recording is available in cassette and CD form for you to listen to the sound of Finnish and practise your own pronunciation.

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