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Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture, Student Book 2

Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture, Student Book 2
DVDRips | MP4 @ 550 Kbit/s | 640x352 (16:9) | English / Chinese: AAC, 136 Kbps (2 channels) | Duration: 5 hours
Audio CDs: Chinese / English: MP3, 160 Kbps (2 channels) | Duration: 10 hours | 2012 | ISBN-10: 0300161638
2 PDF Books
Overal size: 2.62 GB | Genre: Learning Chinese | Level: Intermediate

Welcome to "Encounters", a groundbreaking Chinese language programme that features a dramatic series filmed entirely in China. The programme's highly communicative approach immerses learners in the Chinese language and culture through video episodes that directly correspond to units in the textbook. By combining a compelling story line with a wealth of educational materials, "Encounters" weaves a tapestry of Chinese language and culture rich in teaching and learning opportunities. "Encounters" follows a carefully structured and cumulative approach. Students progress from listening and speaking to the more difficult skills of reading and writing Chinese characters, building grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills along the way. "The Encounters" programme includes: Two Full-colour Student Books for introductory Chinese study; Annotated Instructor's Editions with answer keys and suggested class activities; Two Character Writing Workbooks linked directly to the Student Book; Ten hours of video materials, comprising dramatic episodes, cultural segments, and animations, all integrated with the Student Books; A total of 200 minutes of audio material, linked to the Student Books, for listening and speaking practice; and, a website providing a year's free access to all audiovisual material of the programme upon adoption. There is also an "Annotated Instructor's Edition 1" (paper), ISBN 978030016166 3, free of charge upon accredited application.

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