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Lynda - The DIY Photographer (Updated Dec 04, 2015)

Lynda - The DIY Photographer (Updated Dec 04, 2015)
MP4 | AVC 2470kbps | English | 1280x720 | 29.97ps | 1h 27mins | AAC stereo 160kbps | 657 MB
Genre: Video Training

n the world of photography, even the simplest accessories can cost a few days' salary. The answer? Don't buy it. Build it! That's the idea behind The Do-It-Yourself Photographer. Every other week, photographer and educator Joseph Linaschke shows how you can fashion ordinary items—from plastic cups to clamps to parchment paper—into accessories that will improve lighting, stabilize your camera, and much more. So roll up your sleeves and break out the gaffer's tape. Learn how to become a DIY photographer.

Topics include:
The DIY Photographer series introduction
Potato chip can trick for macro photography
Using a chain as a stabilizer for your camera
Making a flash diffuser out of a plastic cup
Creating a low-cost constant lighting setup
Light diffusion with parchment paper
Choosing the right fabric for your backdrop
Setting up a studio-style backdrop workspace
Building a double flash head holder
The many uses of binder clips
Using foil as a fun and easy backdrop
Creating natural light diffusion with mylar
Using a painter pole to get an aerial-type look
Using wallpaper as a portrait backdrop
Another clever binder clip trick
Rigging up a cold shoe accessory bar

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