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Nuovo Progetto Italiano 3 [repost]

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 3
Audio CDs: Italian: MP3, 128 Kbps (2 channels) | Duration: 01:13:54 | 2014 | ISBN-10: 9606930041
PDF Books
Overal size: 195 MB | Genre: Learning Italian | Level: Intermediate / Advanced

"Nuovo Progetto italiano 3 is for teenage and adult students of intermediate-advanced level (B2-C1). These are the most significant features of the new edition: A structure that is similar to the first two volumes of the course Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 and 2 (including sections Per Cominciare..., Ascolto, Autovalutazone, ecc.) Sections on all language skills brief units (5 pages each) for a larger variety of topics and a better organization of the lessons texts that are not too long (between 450 and 500 words) in order to keep students motivated units that reflect and deepen topics covered in the previous volumes or present new ones, in order to offer a complete picture of the Italian reality clear presentation of grammar phenomena and practice in the Workbook special attention to communicative function and oral production brief and easy to understand activities The exercises and activities accompanying the reading and listening activities are CELI, PLIDA and CILS exam-based two volumes, Student's book and Workbook for ease to carry and use 2 audio CDs, inside the Student's book, with interviews, authentic texts and dialogues recorded by professional actors. "

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