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Paul Lomax, "VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Language" (repost)


Paul Lomax, "VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Language"
Publisher: 'Reilly | 1998 | ISBN: 1565923588 | English | PDF | 650 pages | 4.5 Mb

“ 'VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Languages' documents the latest version of the world's bestselling rapid application development environment. Paul Lomax's explanation of the language comes in two main parts.
First, Lomax explains the structure and syntax of Visual Basic (VB) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programs. He details all the important stuff, including how to work with variables, how to create custom functions, how to create classes, how to handle errors, and how to react to user events. If you're up to speed on general programming concepts and just want to know how to get something done in VB/VBA, you'll find this part of the book especially handy.

The second, and largest, part of the book is a language reference in the classic O'Reilly style. Every function, statement, keyword, and miscellaneous bit of code has a clear, complete entry. Each entry includes a statement of syntax, a description of the function's purpose, a quick example of its use, and some tips for using it successfully. The reference documents the language as it exists in VB6. --David Wall

Paul Lomax, author of O'Reilly's VB & VBA in a Nutshell and a coauthor of VBScript in a Nutshell, is an experienced VB programmer with a passion for sharing his knowledge--and his collection of programming tips and techniques gathered from real-world experience.