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The Lotte Berk Method - Basic Essentials, Hip Hugger Abs, Muscle Eats Fat, High Round Assets [repost]

The Lotte Berk Method - Basic Essentials, Hip Hugger Abs, Muscle Eats Fat, High Round Assets
8xDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~1029 kb/s | 640x464 | Duration: 2 hours 40 mins | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.27 GB
Genre: Sport, Health

“ Beautifully filmed fitness DVDs to highly motivational music and taught by our own inspirational Lotte Berk Method fitness teachers. Originating in London over 50 years ago, and brought to Manhattan over 35 years ago, there's a reason why this unique exercise method has such staying power -- beautiful women's bodies. ”

No special equipment required, but be prepared to sweat for the body sculpting you want. This series will give you a total body transformation similar to the women who have used our studios for decades.
The Lotte Berk Method exercise DVDs have been called the ultimate body transformation system. For over three decades this results-oriented, no-nonsense fitness method has been available exclusively at Lotte Berk Method studios in Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York, and by popular demand was brought to home DVD and video.
It is a low-impact, extraordinarily effective program that firms, tones, lengthens, and shapes muscles to their optimal form. Its' system of concentrated movements and deep muscle conditioning is designed to make each woman get her best body.
In 10 days you'll feel the results, in 20 days you'll see the results.

"Basic Essentials"
Use this DVD first. This easy-to-follow set of exercises will introduce you to the basic movements of the Lotte Berk Method. You will enjoy warm-up exercises and stretches followed by concentrated exercises to work the thighs, abdominals and seat. Step-by-step instructions for proper form and body alignment will help you get the most from the exercises. You will feel new strength, increased flexibility and more graceful after your very first Lotte Berk Method workout! A 30-minute workout with bonus segments.

"Hip Hugger Abs"
Everyone wants defined, flat abdominals to look good in the new Hip-Hugger and Lo-Ride fashions requires them! No exercises are more effective at targeting all of the abdominal muscles - even the lowest ab muscles - than the Lotte Berk Method. Specially designed firming tension exercises start working muscles below the bust and firm and strengthen each muscle group all the way down. You will love how you look and feel from using this extraordinary workout! A 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.

"Muscle Eats Fat"
Dieting to stay thin is difficult. The best way to reduce fat is to burn calories "passively" and the best way to do that is to add beautiful long lean muscles - dancers tone. In fact, healthy toned muscles will burn calories 24 hours a day - even when you are at rest! The Lotte Berk Method teaches you targeted exercises that will work poorly toned, unused muscles, particularly in your thighs and abdomen. From your first workout you will begin to create strong, toned muscles and burn calories. The results will look and feel fabulous! 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.

"High Round Assets"
Sexy beautiful butts are the breasts of the new decade. A "hanging bottom" is a frustrating condition suffered by too many women. But the exercises of the Lotte Berk Method are the most effective ever created to firm and raise and firm your derriere . You will learn proper pelvic positioning and exercise movements to work these muscles and pull up your seat. You will love how effectively the Lotte Berk Method delivers you High Round Assets! 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.

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