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The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking (Repost)

The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking By Martha Shulman Rose
2014 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 162336129X | EPUB | 19 MB

Martha Rose Shulman's The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking is an accessible, delicious-recipe-packed teaching book designed to give home cooks a plan ("templates") and a language for cooking mouth-watering plant-based meals every day. What is a template? It's a generic recipe for a basic dish - a risotto, a frittata, a rice bowl, a pasta bowl, a soup base - into which you put any suitable combination of vegetables and herbs based on seasonality and availability. By having these basic templates in hand, readers - wherever they live and whatever the season - will be able to prepare meatless dishes simply and easily, making this plan ideal for busy families, working mums, and anyone who wants to be able to put a mouth-watering vegetarian dish on the table, angst-free. Template cooking - providing a reliable, sensible framework for dishes that can change fluidly with seasonal availability - is enjoying rising popularity in the food world, and Shulman is a Rodale house author and legend. Whether the reader is a working parent trying to decipher the overflowing CSA box or a new vegetarian trying to navigate a world where meals can't be summed up as "steak," "chicken," or "pork chops," The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking, with 125 recipes, is the perfect tool.