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Why Wing Chun Works (Repost)

Alan Gibson, "Why Wing Chun Works"
2001 | pages: 162 | ISBN: 1840242140, 0953489507 | PDF | 1,7 mb

This uniquely popular, and in depth study, systematically explains all the essential concepts, principles and basic training methods of the Wing Chun system. Beautifully illustrated with easily understood, clear, pictures and diagrams. Holistic health and philosophical arguments are also fully covered. Why Wing Chun Works is an essential training aid for anyone thinking about, or already studying Wing Chun. The Wing Chun system has many logical and systematic learning methods, similarly this book is divided into sections to facilitate the learning process, and to make cross referencing simple. Why Wing Chun Works will also prove invaluable for other experienced martial artists wishing to broaden their horizons by studying different arts. This book explains; how Wing Chun works, why it is so effective in practice and why its methods are so different to other arts.

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