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The Wine Games

The Wine Games by Brent Runzel
English | Dec. 4, 2015 | ISBN: 162137792X | 114 Pages | AZW3/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 2.77 MB

Do your adult friends and family like wine? If so, The Wine Games is your how-to guide to creating a fun-filled evening with friends and family playing games that all have some connection, however direct or abstract, to WINE. The Wine Games contains more than thirty easy-to-stage, interactive games that everyone can play and enjoy. You'll be balancing wine glasses, throwing bean bags at wine bottles, spitting and bouncing corks, catching crackers, rolling grapes, and, of course, drinking wine. There are games for indoors and outdoors and games for individual play, team play and group play. And none of the games require any special equipment or skills! Choose games like "Call the Bouncer" or "Noodle Suck" or "Stack & Carry" while creating your own "decantalon" that will be thoroughly enjoyed by your wine-loving crowd. If your group has grown tired of the traditional board and trivia games, you'll want to call everyone together to play The Wine Games. It's fun, it's unique, and you can be sure no one will whine.