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Arabicpod101 (2009-2015)

Arabicpod101 (2009-2015)
DVDRips | M4V @ 1109 Kbit/s | 640x360 (16:9) | Arabic: AAC, 128 Kbps | Duration: N/A
Audio CDs: Arabic MP3, 192 Kbps (2 channels) | Duration: N/A | 2009-2015
PDF Books
Overal size: 10.6 GB | Genre: Learning Arabic | Level: From Elementary to Advanced

ArabicPod101 offers a unique learning experience that cannot be found in conventional classrooms. In addition to offering lessons that can be completed on your own time, we approve all of the content we release through a certified Arabic teacher. ArabicPod101 aims to have you speaking Arabic after just one lesson! Our lessons focus on pronunciation and listening comprehension, so that you can start practicing what you learn from our professional teachers. Inside the PDF lesson notes, you will find the necessary tools for reading comprehension, and thorough explanations of phrases and key grammar points, in addition to a segment dedicated to cultural information. To address speaking practice, we have an easy-to use voice recorder on every lesson page so you can compare your pronunciation to our teachers’ and continue to refine your speaking skills. When all the aspects of ArabicPod101 are put together, this program provides students of Arabic with the ultimate self-study learning course.


- 3-Minute Egyptian Arabic (new!)
- Absolute Beginner Arabic for Every Day (new!)
- Absolute Beginner S1
- Advanced Audio Blog S1
- Advanced Audio Blog S2
- All about
- Arabic Alphabet Made Easy
- Arabic Listening Comprehension for Absolute Beginners
- Arabic Listening Comprehension for Advanced Learners (new!)
- Arabic Listening Comprehension for Beginners
- Arabic Listening Comprehension for Intermediate Learners (new!)
- Arabic Vocab Builder (new!)
- Basic bootcamp
- Beginner S1
- Culture class
- Culture Class Essential Arabic Vocabulary S1
- Egyptian Arabic Survival Phrases
- Egyptian Arabic Words of the Week with Peryhan for Beginners (new!)
- Egyptian Arabic Words of the Week with Peryhan for Intermediate Learners (new!)
- Inner Circle (new!)
- Introduction
- Learn Arabic in Three Minutes
- Learn with Pictures and Video S3
- Learn with Video S1
- Lower Intermediate S1 (new!)
- Moroccan Arabic Words of the Week with Chaima for Beginners (new!)
- Moroccan Arabic Words of the Week with Chaima for Intermediate Learners (new!)
- Newbie S1
- Newbie S2
- News
- Pronunciation
- Survival Phrases
- Survival Phrases S2 (new!)
- Top 25 Arabic Questions You Need to Know
- Ultimate Arabic Pronunciation Guide (new!)
- Ultimate Getting Started with Arabic Package
- Video Vocab

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