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Picturing the Language of Images

Picturing the Language of Images By Nancy Pedri, Laurence Petit
2013 | 560 Pages | ISBN: 1443854387 | PDF | 7 MB

Picturing The Language of Images is a collection of thirty-three previously unpublished essays that explore the complex and ever-evolving interaction between the verbal and the visual. The uniqueness of this volume lies in its bringing together scholars from around the world to provide a broad synchronic and diachronic exploration of the relationship between text and image, as well as a reflection on the limits of representation through a re-thinking of the very acts of reading and viewing. While covering a variety of media - such as literature, painting, photography, film and comics - across time - from the 18th century to the 21st century -this collection also provides a special focus on the work of particular authors, such as A.S. Byatt, W.G. Sebald, and Art Spiegelman.