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Celtic Wrestling: The Jacket Styles

G. Jaouen, M. B. Nichols - Celtic Wrestling: The Jacket Styles
Corsier-sur-Vevey: FILA | 2007 | ISBN: 9782950440290 | English | 183 pages | PDF | 62.2 MB

This is a long awaited authoritative book on Celtic Jacket wrestling in Europe and America, as well as south Africa, Australia, and elsewhere.
There are 184 pages, most of which is historical, including many beautiful color plates of illuminated manuscripts and old wrestling plates.
This book also has a technical section which demonstrates 18 core techniques of Cornu-Breton wrestling.
The results of the Inter-Celtic wrestling championships (1928-2006) are also contained.
This is the most comprehensive book done, to date, on this esoteric Western martial sport.
Written in English. A must for any wrestling or martial arts enthusiast.
Foreword by Raphaёl Martinetti, President of FILA.
Introduction by Matthew Bennett Nichols, MPH.
History of an old sport.
Techniques of Cornu-Breton Wrestling.
1928-2006 List of Winners.