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Freestyle and greco-roman wrestling

R. Petrov - Freestyle and greco-roman wrestling
FILA | 1986 | ISBN: N/A | English | 258 pages | PDF | 80.73 MB

The value, role, and objective of wrestling.
Historic overview of the development of wrestling.
Terminology and classification of wrestling techniques.
Nature of training for wrestlers.
Principles of training for wrestling.
Physical training of the wrestler.
Technical and tactical development in wrestler.
Psychological preparation of the wrestler.
Physical health of the wrestler.
Organization of training sessions in wrestling.
Organization and planning of athletic preparation.
Control of preparation for the wrestling.
Wrestling preparation for children and adolescents.
Physical preparation.
Typology of the strategy, technique and tactics of wrestling.
The biomechanics of wrestling.
The technique of freestyle wrestling.
Greco-Roman wrestling.
Holding the opponent in a danger position (final action of hold).