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101 Submissions: Disc 1-3

101 Submissions: Disc 1-3
8xDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~883 kb/s | 512x384 | Duration: ~5 hours | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 2.15 GB
Genre: Sport, Martial Arts, Self-Defense

101 Submissions is real competition footage remixed into ninety minutes of today's top fighters submitting their opponents one after another. Over four months of painstakingly combing through hundreds of hours of footage was needed to develop 101 Submissions. Not only is 101 Submissions entertainment, it is also a valuble-learning tool. 101 Submissions has no stalling and includes only the best of the best when it comes to fight footage. The DVD menu of 101 scenes makes each submission easy to get to and repeat. 101 Submissions has no Gi and Gi footage from the best events from around the world. 101 Submissions also features a carefully thought out soundtrack to add to the armlocks, chokes, twisters, footlocks, wristlocks, kneebars and others submissions. Just check out these featured fighters: Adrino Nasal, Andre Galvao, Andre Soares, Brad Court, Cacareco Cachorrinho, Cafe Dantes, Cameron Earle, Christiano Marcello Cranivata, Dan Camarillo, Danny Ives, David Camarillo, Dean lister, Dennis Asche, Don Geddis, Eddy Bravo, Edson Carvalho, Edwardo Telles, Erica Montoya, Fredson Paixao, Gabreil Kitober, Gazzy Parmen, Gordinho, Hanette, Igor Gracie, Jacare, Joe D'Arce, Josh Griffiths, Kenny Florian, Lagarto, Leandro Slaib, Leo Santos, Leozinho Vieira, Luciano Azevedo, Luke Stwart, Marc Laimon, Marcello Grosso, Margarida, Mario Reis, Mike Flower, Mike Mrkulic, Nam, Nino Schembri, Pe de Pano, Pedro Elias, Rafael Lavato Jr., Rany Yahrya, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Renner Gracie, Robert Drysdale, Rockson Gracie, Rodrigo Bomba, Rodrigo Riscado, Royler Gracie, Ryan Gracie, Ryan Gregg, Saulo, Serginho, Suyan Queiroz, Talhes, Terere, Tony DeSouza, Tyrone Glover, Young Gun, And More!


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