Constructive Critics

Scott C. Lucas, S. C. Lucas, "Constructive Critics"
English | 2004 | ISBN: 9004133194 | PDF | pages: 441 | 8,7 mb

Demonstrating the central role of third/ninth century hadîth scholars in the articulation of Sunnî Islam, this book bases its findings largely upon the analysis of multiple biographical dictionaries, such as al-Dhahabî’s Tadhkirat al-huffâz, Ibn Sa'd’s Kitâb al-tabaqât al-kabîr, and collections of the critical comments of Ibn Maʿîn and Ibn Hanbal.
Part I establishes conceptual and historical frameworks for the study of Sunnî hadîth scholarship.

Part II examines in detail the three foundational principles of Sunnî Islam: 1) the collective probity of the sahâba, 2) the discipline of hadîth-transmitter criticism, and 3) a historical vision of the authoritative channels by which hadîth traversed the two centuries between the life of the Prophet Muhammad and the first major hadîth books.

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