SVS Learn - Digital Painting 2 (2015)

SVS Learn - Digital Painting 2 (2015)
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Genre: Video Training

Working as a commercial illustrator often requires a piece to pass through several stages of visual development before beginning the final art. This introduces a number of challenges to the artist: how do you keep the final painting as spontaneous and free as your sketches? How do you keep the process fresh and fun as you work? How do you maintain enthusiasm through the hours ahead? How do you maintain a positive, yet self-critical mindset as the idea develops? In Digital Painting II, Marco shows you his approach for creating an illustration from conception through to a final piece. He’ll take an initial idea through visual development stages such as a color rough, compositional thumbnails, and character design, before starting the final digital illustration. Along the way, you’ll see how each stage motivates the next, and how it all pays off in the final illustration.

What you’ll get out of the class:

Insight into what makes a picture read well and tell a cogent story
How to bring together disparate art disciplines such as character design, layout, and color design
How to develop and cultivate ideas for a finished digitally painted illustration
Learn how to ignite your imagination with photo references (rather than copying them)
How to manage various focal points in an illustration
How to plan for a final piece, without over-planning
Learn a non-technical, artistic approach to using Adobe Photoshop
A selection of Marco’s brushes are bundled with the class
A bonus lecture which explains and simplifies how light and color work together

├── 1 - Introduction.mp4
├── 2 - The Color Rough.mp4
├── 3 - Composition.mp4
├── 4 - Character Design.mp4
├── 5 - Beginning The Final.mp4
├── 6 - Bonus Light and Color.mp4
├── 7 - Continuing On With The Final.mp4
├── 8 - Final Illustration Continued.mp4
├── 9 - A Late Compositional Change.mp4
├── 10 - Final Illustration Continued Again.mp4
├── 11 - Final Illustration Continued Again.mp4
├── 12 - Painting The Girl's Face.mp4
├── 13 - Another Big Change.mp4
├── 14 - Final Touches and Conclusion.mp4
├── DPAT+BrushesInfo.txt
└── DPAT+brushes.tpl

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