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A Taste of Spain: 100 Favourites

A Taste of Spain by Randolph Riecker
English | Dec. 24, 2014 | ISBN: 1500760587 | 182 Pages | PDF (True) | 3.46 MB

Food is an integral part of Spanish culture, similar to it's rich history. Each of Spain's regions is home to a range of unique cuisines and flavours. I've been quite a consumer of Spanish food over the last 17 years, ever since I've had the opportunity to travel to Spain and it's beautiful islands. Each regional specialty is well worth trying. Restaurants serving regional dishes can be found in most major cities. Just as you would choose to go out for a Chinese or Japanese meal, you may instead choose to dine at an Andalusian, Catalan, Murcian, Valencian, Galician, or Mallorcan restaurant.