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iMovie 2015 for Mac & iOS: Beginner's Guide

iMovie 2015 for Mac & iOS: Beginner's Guide by Steve Markelo
English | July 29, 2015 | ISBN: 1515291057 | 50 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 1.45 MB

Apple Inc. continues to bring innovation and creativity to its products with the release of the iMovie application. The original concept first released in the late 1990s introduced to Apple users the ability to create and edit video clips using their Apple device; iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad. The video editing application allows users to import footage or still images from hard drives, saved folders or through a USB port. The latest model, iMovie 2015 (version 10.0.9) was released in June 2015 and offers to users of with iOS 2.0 and Mac devices improved features designed to maximize user experience. Through the application a user can edit a photo or video and integrate sound or photo effects, music, themes, video enhancement and titles. The application facilitates creative expression, allowing a user to tell stories using the creation. The creations can then be stored in the library or on iCloud for viewing or sharing via social media or with family and friends.