Organization Design and Engineering: Co-existence, Co-operation or Integration (Repost)

Rodrigo Magalhães, "Organization Design and Engineering: Co-existence, Co-operation or Integration"
English | 2014 | ISBN: 113735156X | 296 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

In spite of the substantial contributions made by the information systems discipline over the last three or four decades, the problem of the integration of social and technological infrastructures in organizations are still far from being solved. All one needs to do is to think of the number of mishaps, failures and accidents in organizational settings due to information and technology systems that still happens today.

The key aim of this volume of original papers on the theory and practice of ODE, Organization Design and Engineering, is to contribute towards overcoming the academic challenges stated above. A secondary aim is to launch a debate about ODE, and whether or not the debate itself is warranted.

All of the authors have a substantial track record of research and publishing in information systems (understood as a hybrid discipline sitting at the interface between organization science and computer engineering). The book is a contribution to the discipline of information systems but also is a landmark to be used by both researchers and practitioners in developing a future where the social and the technological infrastructures of organizations are designed (i.e., conceived, implemented and maintained) in fully integrated ways.