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The Little Gulay Book (Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series)

The Little Gulay Book (Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series) by Gene Gonzalez
English | June 1, 2001 | ISBN: 9712710734 | 42 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 1.41 MB

Part of the Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series, a collection of little books on Philippine cuisine and beverage, which serves as an easy, fast guide for today’s cosmopolitan kitchens and busy bodies.

“If the culinary enthusiast wants to witness the differences in Philippine regional cuisine, he only has to look at how Filipinos cook their vegetables. There, he will find very clear cut differences on how the various provinces cook their vegetables.

“The difference lies not only on the variety of the local produce used as main ingredients but also on the other ingredients that make up a recipe and the condiments that go with the vegetables dish.

“This little book is a compilation of basic, very easy to prepare vegetable dishes from the different regions of the Philippines. These recipes will enable the beginner to serve with ease Filipino-style vegetables on his table at home.”

From the Introduction

Includes recipes for Ginataang Langka sa Alimango, Ampalaya Con Carne, Sisig Puso ng Saging, Laing sa LASAP, Guinataang Bulaklak ng Kalabasang Binusog, and many more.