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Root to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through the Seasons (repost)

Steven Satterfield, "Root to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through the Seasons"
ISBN: 0062283693 | 2015 | True EPUB | 496 pages | 394 MB

Eat More Vegetables.

Chef of the award-winning Miller Union restaurant in Atlanta, Steven Satterfield—dubbed the "Vegetable Shaman" by the New York Times' Sam Sifton—has enchanted diners with his extraordinary vegetable dishes, capturing the essence of his vegetables through a simple, elegant cooking style. Satterfield believes in making the most out of the entire plant, much as his contemporaries April Bloomfield and Fergus Henderson use the whole animal, from nose to tail, in their dishes. As executive chef of Miller Union, Satterfield embodies an authentic approach to farmstead-inspired cooking, by which braising, pickling, preserving, and canning are often incorporated into everyday cuisine. His trademark is simple food, and in his creative hands he continually updates the region's legendary dishes to produce easy yet sublime fare that can be made in the home kitchen.

Root to Leaf is not a vegetarian cookbook—it's a cookbook that celebrates vegetables. Everyone, from the omnivore to the vegan, will find something here. Organized by seasons, and with a decidedly Southern flair, Satterfield's collection of mouthwatering recipes makes the most of available produce from local markets, foraging, and the home garden. A must-have for the home cook, this beautifully designed book, with its stunning color photographs, elevates the bounty of the vegetable kingdom as never before.