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"Femtosecond-Scale Optics" ed. by Anatoli V. Andreev

"Femtosecond-Scale Optics" ed. by Anatoli V. Andreev
ITAe | 2011 | ISBN: 9789533077697 | 444 pages | PDF | 33 MB

This book provides a description of developments and original results obtained by authors in some specific areas of this very wide scientific field. The volume will be of interest for those specialized in the subject of laser-matter interactions.

Part 1 Femtosecond-Time-Scale Physics
1 Magnetization Dynamic with Pulsed X Rays
2 Electron Acceleration Using an Ultrashort Ultraintense Laser Pulse
3 Coherent Laser Manipulation of Ultracold Molecules
4 Fast Charged Particles and Super- Strong Magnetic Fields Generated by Intense Laser Target Interaction
5 Physics of Quasi-Monoenergetic Laser-Plasma Acceleration of Electrons in the Blowout Regime
6 Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy of Semiconductors - Physical Processes and Methods of Analysis
7 Lasers in Atomic Collisions, Cold Plasma and Cold Atom Physics
8 Time Resolved Spectroscopy with Femtosecond X-Ray Pulses
9 Ultrafast Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
10 Interaction of Atom with Laser Pulses of Intra-Atomic Field Strength
Part 2 Time Resolved Laser Spectroscopy and Coherent Control Techniques
11 Generation and Detection of Mesoscopic Pulsed States of Light for Quantum Information
12 Ultrafast Photoelectric Effect in Oxide Single Crystals and Films
13 Quantum Key Distribution
14 Optical Properties of Quantum-Confined Semiconductor Structures Driven by Strong Terahertz Fields
15 Laser Pulses Applications in Photovoltaic Effect
16 Integrating Detectors for Photoacoustic Imaging
17 Photoemission Spectroscopy at Liquid Microbeams with a High Harmonics Table Top Radiation Source
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