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Stress Free Teaching

Stress Free Teaching by Russell Joseph
English | May 1, 2000 | ISBN: 0749431148 | 156 Pages | PDF | 1 MB

This manual provides advice on dealing with stress in teaching. It seeks to combine self-help guidance with a core of professional reality to provide solutions that are effective and tailored to the demands of the educational sector. There are case studies from both the UK and abroad.
Research has shown that those in the professions, particularly helping professions, have significantly high levels of stress. This book identifies some of the issues faced by those in the education sector.
Those employed in education have been under increasing pressure and unrelenting criticism for many years. Critics have failed to recognize that there is an increasing complexity and responsibility with regard to education. Apparently overgenerous terms and conditions of employment have been replaced with new, less favourable contracts and more responsibilities. This has resulted in the removal of what the public regards as luxurious short working weeks and lengthy holidays, and a general lack of support and recognition for the contributions the sector makes to society. The ecology of the school, college or university has changed and is now significantly different from previous generations. It is not difficult to understand why teachers and lecturers are susceptible to stress.