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International Handbook on Ecotourism (repost)

International Handbook on Ecotourism (Elgar original reference) by Roy Ballantyne and Jan Packer
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0857939963 | 528 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

'Roy and Jan have assembled a timely snapshot of our current understanding of ecotourism, both as a concept worthy of scientific inquiry and as an increasingly significant segment of global commerce and industry. A terrific piece of work!'
- Sam Ham, University of Idaho, US
'In the 30 or so year since it became established in the tourism literature and in tourism practice, 'ecotourism' has attracted as many proponents as opponents. This Handbook now brings together some of the leading scholars worldwide in this field, to explore the current position of this form of tourism. In doing so, it offers serious critiques, it explores meanings and paradoxes, it offers best practices and it looks to the future. It is the Handbook for one of tourism's fastest growing and controversial sectors.'
- David Airey, University of Surrey, UK
'This is a most welcome and needed book. With a very strong editorial team and contributing authors, the Handbook covers all the key issues of ecotourism. It cuts through the confusion surrounding the much-misunderstood concept of ecotourism, clearly dealing with definitions, concepts and research issues. The Handbook is particularly welcome for its focus on the visitor experience, a strength of the editors, and for clearly linking the theory of ecotourism with practice in the field.'
- Christopher Cooper, Oxford Brookes University, UK
This Handbook brings together contributions from over forty international experts in the field of ecotourism. It provides a critical review and discussion of current issues and concepts - it challenges readers to consider the boundaries of what ecotourism is, and could be. The Handbook provides practical information regarding the business of ecotourism; insights into ecotourist behavior and visitor experiences; and reflections on the practice of ecotourism in a range of different contexts.
The Handbook is designed to be a valuable reference book for tourism scholars and researchers.
Contributors: T. Baird, R. Ballantyne, T. Baum, P. Benckendorff, A. Bien, D. Biggs, R. Black, E. Brymer, R. Buckley, J. Butcher, J. Buultjens, S. Curtin, S. Dolnicar, R. Dowling, L. Dwyer, D. Edwards, J.H. Falk, D.A. Fennell, D. Getz, A. Grajal, C.M. Hall, E. Hawkins, K. Hughes, M. Hughes, E. Juvan, A.-M. Lacaze, J. Mann, E.W. Manning, G. Moscardo, D. Newsome, J. Packer, P.L. Pearce, S. Reid, B.W. Ritchie, K. Rodger, A. Shoebridge, A. Spenceley, N.L. Staus, L.A. Sutherland, C. Tisdell, C.L. Vernon, K. Walker, B. Weiler, N.E. White, V. Yanamandram