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GeoBritannica: Geological landscapes and the British peoples

Mike Leeder, Joy Lawlor, "GeoBritannica: Geological landscapes and the British peoples"
English | ISBN: 1780460600 | 2016 | EPUB | 332 pages | 18,4 MB

GeoBritannica concerns the geological legacy of Britain, an inheritance bequeathed by its bedrock to the peoples who have lived on the island for the eleven millennia since the Ice Ages. Authors Mike Leeder and Joy Lawlor explain the geological foundations of the landscape and the raw materials it provides. The reader will discover how regional environments and interests have been tackled by amateur and professional geologists in endeavours as diverse as mining, quarrying, architecture, literature and the visual arts. This is a book which puts a modern interpretation of the geological history of Britain into its historic, social, and artistic contexts. It answers questions, such as: Why is geology so fascinating to us? How do geologists do their science? Why are the differing landscapes what, where and how they are? What is the nature of the geological foundations of the British landscapes? How have geological discoveries developed our understanding of the landscape of Britain over the past two hundred years? How have geological landscapes and materials influenced past and present architects, visual artists, and writers? This is a book for those wanting to develop a better understanding of where we live, and how we develop our love and understanding of the island which we inhabit.