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SELinux System Administration (Repost)

Sven Vermeulen, "SELinux System Administration"
English | ISBN: 1783283173 | 2013 | 120 pages | PDF, EPUB | 1 MB

A comprehensive guide to walk you through SELinux access controls


Use SELinux to further control network communications
Enhance your system's security through SELinux access controls
Set up SELinux roles, users and their sensitivity levels
In Detail

NSA Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a set of patches and added utilities to the Linux kernel to incorporate a strong, flexible, mandatory access control architecture into the major subsystems of the kernel. With its fine-grained yet flexible approach, it is no wonder Linux distributions are firing up SELinux as a default security measure.

SELinux System Administration covers the majority of SELinux features through a mix of real-life scenarios, descriptions, and examples. Everything an administrator needs to further tune SELinux to suit their needs are present in this book.

This book touches on various SELinux topics, guiding you through the configuration of SELinux contexts, definitions, and the assignment of SELinux roles, and finishes up with policy enhancements. All of SELinux's configuration handles, be they conditional policies, constraints, policy types, or audit capabilities, are covered in this book with genuine examples that administrators might come across.

By the end, SELinux System Administration will have taught you how to configure your Linux system to be more secure, powered by a formidable mandatory access control.