The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire (repost)

H. W. Crocker III, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire"
ISBN: 1596986298 | 2011 | EPUB | 384 pages | 1 MB

A brawling, rambunctious history celebrating the Empire—and the intrepid empire-builders—that gave the United States, Canada, India, and Australia not just a common language, but common ideals of freedom and justice.

The British Empire—the biggest empire in history—once ruled a quarter of the globe. It was built by an incredible array of swashbuckling soldiers and sailors, pirates and adventurers who finally get their due in H. W. Crocker III’s panoramic and provocative view of four hundred years of history that will delight and amuse, educate and entertain. Strap on your pith helmet for a rollicking ride through some of history’s most colorful events.

Bet your teacher never told you:
• The Founding Fathers didn’t rebel against British imperialism; they looked forward to the transfer “of the great seat of Empire to America”;
• The original Norman English invasion of Ireland was approved by the pope;
• Sir Charles Napier, commander in chief of the British Army in India, abolished the Hindu custom of widow-burning;
• Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer’s “hearts and minds” counter- insurgency strategy was instrumental in defeating the Communists in Malaya;
• The breakup of the British Empire led Winston Churchill to conclude that he had achieved “nothing” in his life.