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Plant Pathology Concepts and Laboratory Exercises, Third Edition

Plant Pathology Concepts and Laboratory Exercises, Third Edition by Bonnie H. Ownley and Robert N. Trigiano
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1466500816 | 600 pages | PDF | 104 MB

Continuing in the tradition of its predecessors, this new edition combines an informal, easy to read style with a thorough introduction to concepts and terminology of plant pathology. After reviewing fundamental concepts, the book discusses groups of plant pathogens and molecular tools for studying them, pathogen interactions, epidemiology and disease control, and special topics in plant pathology. The book details various disease-causing organisms, including viruses, fungi, prokaryotics, nematodes, and various biotic agents. It also examines various plant-pathogen interactions, molecular attack strategies, extracellular enzymes, host defenses, and disruption of plant function.

New in the Third Edition

Molecular plant-fungal interactions
Expanded treatment of molecular tools
Advanced biocontrol concepts
How to use and care for microscopes