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Sweden in a time of Immigration: How the Sweden Democrats turned the elite into a frenzy

Pelle Taylor, "Sweden in a time of Immigration: How the Sweden Democrats turned the elite into a frenzy"
2015 | ASIN: B015B26UFK | 228 pages | EPUB | 0,2 MB

It has been a summer of people movements. Europe is seeing a huge influx of refugees, and two destinations are on all refugees' lips, Germany and Sweden. Sweden will take over 100,000 this year, and it is part of this once homogeneous country's rapid demographic change. If this continues, and there are no signs it will stop, with the Middle East in chaos, Swedes will become a minority in their own country in maybe as soon as 15 years.
Swedish society will look very different from now. Research has found the current burden on the Swedish welfare state of immigrants to be a large one, displacing vulnerable natives - like the elderly - in an already shrinking welfare state.
One UN Human Development Report research paper predicts that Sweden will, in 2030, be 35th on a list of 45 OECD countries in terms of human development, below Bulgaria, Libya and Argentina. Critics say this is a rogue result. But it should nevertheless set off alarm bells.
Sweden has over 150 ghettos where gang violence rules and Sharia law applies to young Muslim women. Social trusto is eroding, and inequality is on the rise. Swedes have the world's second highest private debt levels and youth unemployment is high. How are the new arrivals going to support the welfare state well into the 21st century?
Immigration is the most sensitive and explosive issue in the world right now, but this book shows how Swedish politicians and media have turned denial and suppression of criticism into a fine art form. People are discouraged from supporting the Sweden Democrat party - the only parliamentary party that supports many Swedish people's desire for a Swedish identity - by every means possible..
By totally ignoring public sentiment against its open-ended commitment to immigration, the government risks creating a huge, nasty right wing backlash. The Sweden Democrats, sometimes regarded as a far right party, are currently the largest party in the national polls.
This "insider's polemic" is an absolutely essential read for anyone interested in Swedish political and intellectual life in 2015.