Mastering the Raspberry Pi (Repost)

Mastering the Raspberry Pi By Warren Gay
2014 | 504 Pages | ISBN: 1484201825 | PDF | 8 MB

This book developed out of a need for an in-depth work about the Raspberry Pi that just didn’t seem to exist. If I had found one, I would have gladly purchased it. A quick survey revealed a large number of “how to get started” books. But I pined for something with the kind of meat that appeals to engineering types. Give me numbers, formulas, and design procedures. Almost all of that information is available out there on the Internet somewhere. But I discovered that some questions take considerable time to research. If you know exactly where to look, the answer is right there. But if you’re just starting out with the Raspberry Pi, you have several online Easter-egg hunts ahead of you. How much is your time worth?