No Limit Holdem 30 days Beginner Course

No Limit Holdem 30 days Beginner Course
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Genre: Poker lessons

This is a 30 days course for beginners NLH Players. Welcome to the Stoxpoker Course. There are 30 flv inside, one for each of 30 days.

Key Concepts covered in this course are :
(1) using information
(2) exploitative play
(3) double barreling
(4) Continuation Betting
(5) blind stealing
(6) blind defense
(7) Bet sizing

Course Overview

Guided Study: A Unique Offering of

One of the great things about poker is that it has a learning curve. As you move up that curve you not only make more money, but experience more mastery. As aspiring winning players find out, though, knowing what to do and doing it in real time are different challenges. This sense of not being able to “put it all together” haunts, and probably should haunt, anyone who takes the game seriously. It is this haunted feeling that leads seriously intentioned novice players to poker training sites. There they find an archive of videos of expert players playing, and explaining their thought process in real time.

Watching these videos has helped any number of beginners become thinking and observant players. Playing serious poker, though, is a complicated business. We know this because we read a lot of posts from new members along these lines. “I don’t know where to begin. I’m overwhelmed. Can somebody suggest a place to start and a way to proceed?” We’ve come to realize that all the training sites have to say to novice players aspiring to be profitable is: “Jump in the waters deep! Watch the videos, ask questions on our forums, and evolve your play.” This level of training is not a bad bargain for thirty bucks a month, but StoxPoker has taken the next step. We now offer an organized way for you to work through a specific sequence of videos to the goal of playing sound poker in real time.

Some players learn best by mucking around, and to them we say go for it. But for those of you who are looking for a study path you can follow to get the most out of our archive we now offer courses in beginner and intermediate play. These guides will direct your attention to specific sequence of videos, and then help you approach them and return to them with an anticipative active mind.


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