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WHMCSThemes - Penguin Host v5.2.4 - WHMCS Template

WHMCSThemes - Penguin Host v5.2.4 - WHMCS Template | 4.17 MB

WHMCS Template Installation - All we need is FTP access to your WHMCS directory. Installation Guide - If you'd prefer to install it yourself, we have a video guide explaining how. Design Source File - This can be used to modify images and text-based images. Updates - If WHMCS release a new version, your download will be updated. Priority Support - As a Premium Customer, you will receive support 7 days a week. Ability to Create Additional Pages - You can add an unlimited amount of pages, as required. All Standard WHMCS Pages - As well as this, the extra pages detailed below are also included. HTML Template - As an added extra, you will also receive the matching HTML template.