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Morgan Burks - MB Light & Tone Overlays

Morgan Burks - MB Light & Tone Overlays
PNG Overlays | 34 MB

27 overlays that add light, color, and dimension to your photos. Everything from sunshine and rainbow flares to hazy tones and vibrant color. This collection is great
for any one wanting to punch up the color and tones of their photos and add gorgeous lighting!
These overlays work with any editing program that uses layers: (CS, CC, PSE). Just open the Overlay like you would a regular photo, drag and drop the overlay onto the
photo you'd like to edit, transform to fit your photo and change the blend mode or opacity to suit your needs!
(This collection is larger than it was in the past, it's been combined with the MB Flare Overlays set so that you get tons of amazing flare and light overlays all in
one place!)

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